Weekend DIY: House Numbers

Curb Appeal, Weekend DIY

Looking for an excuse to enjoy a bit of the warmer weather that has graced most of us over the past few days? How about spending some time this weekend improving your curb appeal by giving your house numbers a makeover? And what’s even better, this unique DIY is budget-friendly!

We came across this simple and classy Do-It-Yourself Nail House Numbers from the blog, StinkerPants. The blog’s writer, Sara, saw this tack artwork and then used the same idea with nails on her fence post. All you need to complete this project are: nails, hammer, needle-nose pliers and a print off of the numbers you’d like to transpose onto your location.  You could easily use this technique on a wooden mailbox post, a fence post, or if you have wood siding (basically anything you can hammer a nail into)! To read the entire DIY project, visit her blogpost.

Also, once you get the nails all hammered in, you could string thread around the nails for a different look, like Amanda did from the blog, Our Humble Abowed.

If you’re not good with a hammer and are still looking for ways to jazz up your house numbers, check out these other ideas we came across as well, such as house numbers made of turf, pumpkins, plates, pots, moss, and etched glass!

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Happy Weekend and DIY-ing!