All Decked Out

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With summer in full swing and fall coming in, that means backyard BBQ’s, late night bonfires, and just relaxing out on the deck with friends and family. With all of that comes outdoor dining! We can help make sure you can easily serve your guests, keep them warm outside, brighten up your deck and much more with our stylish items! If you are thinking about decking out your backyard, check out these tips we have for your perfect deck or patio get together!


1. Use serving trays to make things easier for you when serving your guests delicious treats!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


2. Serve up some yummy drinks with the ease of your serving tray!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


3. Your party is going to be such a hit that it will last into the night, so make sure to have the proper lighting for when the sun goes down!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


4. When the sun goes down, it gets cooler, so make sure to use your chimenea to keep your guests warm and comfy!
(Source:Willard & May)


5. Keep away the bees and wasps from your guests using these great traps!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)

Check out more of our great items at! Have you done anything new to your deck or patio?  We would love to hear what you have been up to!


Lantern Centerpieces

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Are you planning a wedding? Throwing a fun summer party? Need some centerpiece ideas without breaking the bank? Why not try using lanterns? There is nothing like a flickering candle in the night. They create the perfect ambiance to a wedding or party. These lanterns can be used not only as centerpieces but also to decorate the head table or guest book table or even to be hung in trees. It is such an elegant look and adds accent lighting! One of the many great things about using lanterns is that they can be used in any type of wedding or party — the possibilities are endless! Plus, they are cheaper than flower centerpieces and can be reused or sold after the wedding or party is over!

Check out what some brides have done with their lantern centerpieces.


(Source: The Red Dirt Bride)


(Source: Style Me Pretty)


(Source: Tumblr)


(Source: Weddings Illustrated)

Check out our variety of lanterns we carry at Willard & May!


You can find these styles of lanterns and more lighting options to get you going on your new centerpieces at (1. Colorful Sleek Lanterns 2. Round Cast Iron Garden Lantern 3. Sleek Metal Lantern 4. Vintage Hanging Lantern).

Have a lantern centerpiece idea you’d like to share? Let us know and comment in the section below!


Inspiration: Outdoor Christmas Lights

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Each weekend more and more houses are getting decked out for the holidays with Christmas lights and outdoor holiday decor. If your house isn’t one of them, it’s time to get your Clark Griswold on and hop on that roof!  And when you are done, relax and enjoy the Christmas classic, Christmas Vacation with some hot cocoa.

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out these over the top Christmas Lights caught on video! And wondering whether LED lights are worth the extra cost compared to the traditional lights? Apartment Therapy did the math and they have determined LED lights in the end save you money, read more on their blog.

Weekend DIY: Shell Candles

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Light. It’s a beautiful thing, yet it is fading fast now that fall is approaching! Did I really just say that? How sad. Each night the sun sets a tiny bit earlier than the previous day, meaning dark dinners if you planning on dining outdoors. Put don’t head inside just yet! You can add light and a romantic mood in the dark with light either from a fire or candles.

Ever wanted to make your own candles? Well you’ve now got your chance with these simple directions from the Everything Etsy blog. This easy project can be completed in a day, and you’ll need just a few supplies from a craft store. Head on over to her blog to read the entire how-to steps.

There are endless ways to make candles – just take a quick look around your house for some jars or containers! You could also try filling your candles with the citronella scent which works wonders for keeping those pests away while you enjoy your evening outside.

Also, while we are speaking about lighting – Willard & May has great lighting accessories such as lanterns and gazing balls with holes cut out. Go on and check them out – they don’t bite, we promise!


Weekend DIY: Outdoor Lighting

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Nothing beats a beautiful night out on the patio, reading a good book, sitting around a fire, enjoying dinner and making s’mores. The key to a warm, romantic backyard patio at night is the lighting – whether it be by candle, fire, lanterns, or strings of lights.

(Source: Pocket Full of Dreams)

This Weekend Do-It-Yourself project from the blog, Pocket Full of Dreams, will be the the perfect addition to your outdoor space to add some color, as well as light to your outdoor evening. Here is what you’ll need to get started: twine (colored twine is better or use spray paint once you have completed the steps to add color), glue, cornflour, warm water, balloons, marker, Vaseline, old tray for the glue mixture, a broom or long piece of wood to hand the balloons from, set of white lights (the kind you use on your Christmas tree), and fishing wire.

To complete this project, just follow the six simple steps outlined in the complete DIY found here on Pocket Full of Dreams.

(Source: Pocket Full of Dreams)

Looking for other ways to bring light to your outdoor space? Check out these items from Willard & May to complete your outdoor scene.

(1. Hardwood Lantern 2. Rustic Lanterns 3. LP Gas Square Fireplace with Slate 4. Gazing Globe with Cutouts 5. Votive Candle Stakes)

Happy Weekend!


Sneak Peek of Willard & May

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Our online shop hasn’t quite opened yet, but we thought we’d let you in on a sneak peek  of some of the great items we’ll be carrying below. Starting out, we’ll have a great selection of outdoor furniture, planters and pottery, chimeneas, garden accessories, backyard decor, gifts and lots more!

water can lantern
yellow patio set chic simple

wicker patio set table storage plaid cushions outdoor
serving cart, metal, brown outdoor
chimenea outdoor heating fire place patio
mushroom pottery, shell planter pot
strawberry pot, blue brown ceramic planter pottery
chalkboard paint herb pot grower chives chalk basil
LINKS: Herb Watering Can, Rustic Lantern, Yellow Bistro Set, Amalfi Woven Plaid Patio Set, Wrought Iron Serving Cart, Chimenea (coming soon!), Decorative Ceramic Mushrooms, Sea Shell Planter, Tea Blue Adonis Planter, Strawberry Planter, Herb Pots with Chalkboard Labels

Stay tuned, as you’ll be one of the first to know when we’ve launched!