Weekend DIY: Outdoor Lighting

Nothing beats a beautiful night out on the patio, reading a good book, sitting around a fire, enjoying dinner and making s’mores. The key to a warm, romantic backyard patio at night is the lighting – whether it be by candle, fire, lanterns, or strings of lights.

(Source: Pocket Full of Dreams)

This Weekend Do-It-Yourself project from the blog, Pocket Full of Dreams, will be the the perfect addition to your outdoor space to add some color, as well as light to your outdoor evening. Here is what you’ll need to get started: twine (colored twine is better or use spray paint once you have completed the steps to add color), glue, cornflour, warm water, balloons, marker, Vaseline, old tray for the glue mixture, a broom or long piece of wood to hand the balloons from, set of white lights (the kind you use on your Christmas tree), and fishing wire.

To complete this project, just follow the six simple steps outlined in the complete DIY found here on Pocket Full of Dreams.

(Source: Pocket Full of Dreams)

Looking for other ways to bring light to your outdoor space? Check out these items from Willard & May to complete your outdoor scene.

(1. Hardwood Lantern 2. Rustic Lanterns 3. LP Gas Square Fireplace with Slate 4. Gazing Globe with Cutouts 5. Votive Candle Stakes)

Happy Weekend!


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