Trend: Neon Spring

Ever watch the teenage sitcom, Saved by the Bell? Remember the crazy fashions: bright neon colors, spandex, splatter paint, bleach, that whole look? Well, I have good news for those who enjoyed that era (and still have the fashion to prove it)! NEON is back, and is the current trend for spring and summer!

Doing a simple Google search for “neon trend” shows you what you can do with a bit of neon… and you can do a lot!

Now, let’s take the neon idea and bring it out to the garden! Check out these colorful garden totes that come in four vibrant hues: pink, orange, blue, and green! Never misplace your garden bucket in the landscape again! We also rounded up some of our favorite summer-blooming bulbs from TulipWorld that can bring those neon hues to your flower beds and your neutral garden planters this summer!

(1. Sylphide Anemone 2. Orange Double Camellia Begonia 3. Golden Chalice Hybrid Calla Lily 4. Wyoming Canna Lily 5. Golden Emblem Decorative Dahlia 6. Tout a Toi Gladiolus 7. Red Pixie Lily 8. Guacamole Hosta 9. Royal Dream Hybrid Lily 10. Pineapple Lily 11. King City Gold Semi Dwarf Canna Lily 12. Purple Gem Cactus Dahlia)

Happy NEON spring!

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