Pin Love: Bright Pops of Color

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So it seems spring may officially be here – the robins are chirping, flowers and plants are breaking the surface and the snow is melted away! In honor of spring gracing our backyards, we came across this pin and had to share! We love the bright and bold pops of color that liven up this space.

bright colors outdoor decor
(Source: Better Homes & Garden)

What ways can you add pops of color to your outdoor living space? Here are a few quick items from Willard & May that might just inspire you…

bright colored pottery, tote, planter, bird bath, decor
(1. Cluster Pot 2. Decorative Mushroom 3. Green Bird Bath 4. Foot Planter 5. Red Conical Pot 6. Garden Tote 7. Fish Planter)

Strawberry Planters & Other Uses

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Not many things are more delicious than picking strawberries in the summer that you’ve grown from your very own strawberry planter! And while strawberry planters are great for growing strawberries, hence the name, there are many other creative ways to use them in your backyard…or even your kitchen. Why not take this summer to try out something new with your strawberry planter?

The original idea of using a strawberry planter was to be able to grow strawberries and avoid the problem of the fruit touching the ground, which can then cause rotting of the fruit or may give animals or pests a delicacy. Strawberry planters also allow people to grow this fruit in smaller spaces, helps with their shallow roots, and allows proper drainage. To learn how to properly use a strawberry planter for strawberries, read this article.

However, if you aren’t into growing strawberries or want to try something new, there are many other ways to use the planter to create unique container gardens, grow herbs and annuals, or even design a water fountain! Take a peek at some of the many ways you can utilize this unique planter.

(1.Pinterest 2. Pinterest 3. MyHomeIdeas 4. Pinterest 5. Pinterest)

One strawberry planter = thousands of uses! Willard & May’s online store is officially live and we have four different ceramic strawberry planters to use to get you started with your unique garden! One of the best features of the W&M strawberry planters is their over-sized planting pockets. Any of you who have used strawberry planters in the past know that one of the downfalls to this garden accessory is the excessive drying out of the plants planted in the pockets due to the small size. Not a problem with these guys! Check out all the options:

strawberry pots color

Also, if you are looking for strawberries or herb seeds, visit our friends at Holland Bulb Farms and they’ll get you growing! Happy Planting!

Sneak Peek of Willard & May

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Our online shop hasn’t quite opened yet, but we thought we’d let you in on a sneak peek  of some of the great items we’ll be carrying below. Starting out, we’ll have a great selection of outdoor furniture, planters and pottery, chimeneas, garden accessories, backyard decor, gifts and lots more!

water can lantern
yellow patio set chic simple

wicker patio set table storage plaid cushions outdoor
serving cart, metal, brown outdoor
chimenea outdoor heating fire place patio
mushroom pottery, shell planter pot
strawberry pot, blue brown ceramic planter pottery
chalkboard paint herb pot grower chives chalk basil
LINKS: Herb Watering Can, Rustic Lantern, Yellow Bistro Set, Amalfi Woven Plaid Patio Set, Wrought Iron Serving Cart, Chimenea (coming soon!), Decorative Ceramic Mushrooms, Sea Shell Planter, Tea Blue Adonis Planter, Strawberry Planter, Herb Pots with Chalkboard Labels

Stay tuned, as you’ll be one of the first to know when we’ve launched!