Weekend DIY: Pallet Table

A growing trend over the past few years has been to recycle and re-use in an attempt to become more eco-friendly. This philosophy, no matter where you stand on the whole eco-friendly issue, is that we should do our best to keep our environment clean for future generations. Everyone can do their part in achieving this goal be either taking it to the extreme or simply do your best to recycle when you are able. This week we have a simple recycled diy project: We’re going to take something that could have been waste and re-purpose it using wooden pallets!

coffeetable_diy2 (Photo: Joy Ever After)

This DIY project comes from Amanda at the Joy Ever After blog. Here she takes two old wooden pallets and brings them back to life by turning them into an outdoor table. This table is more of in the realm of a coffee or sitting table, not a dining table. For the complete DIY instructions read through her blog post and comments for helpful tips.

Finding wooden pallets is easy. First, you can check Craigslist: many companies will post that they are free for the taking on a first come, first serve basis. You could also contact a local warehouse in your area that may have some extras laying around. If do happen come across a gold mine of wooden pallets, Pinterest has endless ideas for you to try!

Happy Weekend!

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