Weekend DIY: Gift Tags Inspired from the Outdoors

Christmas is just around the corner and the season of giving is here!  Whether you have all of your Christmas shopping done or you haven’t even started, you can begin checking one thing off your list today: holiday gift tags! We’ve seen so many amazing ideas on pinterest for gift tags, everything from scrabble letters, ornaments, crossword puzzles and more. We figured we’d share with you an easy gift tag idea that brings the outdoors inside this holiday season. These unique gift tags come from the Frolic! blog. After finishing the project, head on over to their blog for more inspiring floral arrangements, decoration ideas and style tips!

Holiday cards
Frolic! Blog

If there are any Santa believers in your home, you may have to do this weekend DIY in a closet, but otherwise you can start off your wrapping with these outdoors inspired wreath gift tags!

Here are the supplies you’ll need: spool of wire, greens (Frolic! used boxwood, oregonia, rosemary, myrtle, seeded eucalyptus), clippers, floral tape, twine, card stock, and a scissors.

How to make the wreaths:
No. 1 // Make a small, round shape by twisting a couple pieces of wire together. Our wreaths are about 1″ in diameter.
No. 2 // Clip pieces of greens, removing leaves from the bottom inch of the stem.
No. 3 // Twist the greens around the wire until it is covered.
No. 4 // Keep twisting small pieces of greens around the form, securing them under the other stems as you go. Secure with wire or floral tape if they need extra reinforcement.
No. 5 // Clip any stray stems that disfigure the shape of the wreath.

How to make the cards: 
No. 1 // Cut a square of card stock (around 2″ x 3″ or whatever fits your wreath best) and punch a small hole in the center, top of the card.
No. 2 // Stamp the card with a custom stamp or buy one ready-made. Or if you are into unique handwriting try finding some inspiration for pinterest.
No. 3 // Attach a mini wreath by tying a piece of twine through the hole.

homemade christmas card
Frolic! Blog

We love the simplicity of these and how just a little touch of greenery is such a classy way to adorn your gifts this season.

Happy Weekend!

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