Weekend DIY: Updating Dated Lights

Like your front door, the entry way lights which guide your guests to your home set the tone for what’s inside your house. Don’t believe us? Go take a quick look!

Are they constructed of out-dated, hideous brass which means your house is stuck in the 90’s? Are they sponge-painted, giving the impression that your house is holding out for a return of the 80’s? Are they northwoods-y, but yet everything else in your home screams modern? Or perhaps they are simply just 100% not your style. This weekend, let’s fix that and enhance your curb appeal!

This weekend DIY project is inspired from Katie of the blog BowerPower. A few years ago, they traded in their outgrown home for their dream home – completely dreamy, besides the fact that most of the design aesthetic was stuck in the 80’s — for instance check out their sponge painted light fixtures. For a quick update she decided to spray paint them rather than replace them. The only cost involved was painters tape, spray paint and pieces of leftover cardboard. Head on over to her blog to read the step-by-step DIY instructions for easily updating your own outdoor light fixtures, plus her amazing before and after pictures.

(Photo Source: BowerPower Blog)

(Photo Source: BowerPower Blog)

(Photo Source: BowerPower Blog)

Have you ever transformed something in your outdoor space with just a little spray paint? What style are your front porch lights? Are you able to transform them with some spray paint, or were they just too big of a crime so you ended up replacing them? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Weekend!

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