The Birds and The Bees

Header In order to get the beautiful blooms we do each year, flowers need to be pollinated by our friendly neighborhood bees. Contrary to popular opinions, bees are very important in our ecosystems and are not a pest. There are over¬†4,000 different species of bees in the United States, but we are mainly going to focus on the Mason Bee and the benefits of bees everywhere. Mason Bees do not live in a hive and work for themselves. Male Mason Bees do not sting and female Mason Bees only sting if they’re threatened. This is what makes them a good neighbor to have in your garden; they will pollinate your flowers but not pose any threats. A good way to attract and keep these friendly pollinators is to keep a Mason Bee Home close to your garden. MasonBee Another important pollinator is the hummingbird. These small, beautiful birds are so smart that they will remember every flower and how long it will take to get a full meal from it again. Most plants depend on hummingbirds to pollinate them. Hummingbirds pollinate flowers by brushing their forehead and face on each flower while drinking nectar. A hummingbird will, on average, visit around 1,000 flowers a day. The most popular way to attract these fast-moving beauties are hummingbird feeders. Check out our cute hummingbird feeders and add one to your yard! Hummingbird ¬† Let us know what your favorite type of pollinator is!


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