Fall Essentials

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‘Tis the season of crisp air, chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carving, and so much more! Now is the time to start your fall decorating. Use our fall essentials and ultimate fall guide to spruce up your place to have the perfect fall decor this season!


Now it’s your turn to show us how you celebrate autumn around your house!


Freebie: Football Party Print Outs!

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With football season in full swing we want to make sure you are all geared up for a great football party (even if your team doesn’t end up winning)! Of course if you’re serving cupcakes (which who wouldn’t?), it’s great to have something fun to finish them off! So we designed some football themed cupcake toppers & if you aren’t into cupcakes as much as we are, there are also labels and bunting flags to create the perfect football party!


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Fall Gardening/Cleanup Checklist!

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Find out what you need to be doing in your garden once the harvest has ended! Use these tips to help your fall gardening and cleanup a breeze! Also, check out our garden tools to assist you!



  • Water! Give all your plants a good drink so it can last them through the winter
  • Shop for fall planted flower bulbs: Tulip World
  • If you have deer or rabbits eating your plants & flowers, try out animal repellent or deer netting; or plant things that animal pests don’t eat, such as: daffodils, siberian squill, and fritillaria
  • Remove all rotten fruit and debris from the ground – infestations last through winter
  • Leave dried flowers, ornamental grasses, & seed heads to provide food for birds in flower beds & borders. Rake the leaves as needed but keep it off the grass as it can suffocate it
  • Mulch to maintain soil quality and protect perennials from frost, using weeds (with not seeds), cocoa hulls, grass clippings, leaves, & straw.
  • Dig up and store indoors any tender bulbs, such as gladiolus, cannas, dahlias, and caladiums, that you want to store over the winter and re-plant next spring.
  • Empty all pots and store indoors for the winter, even plastic containers can crack and clay pots can shatter
  • Plant shrubs and evergreens
  • Till your soil for next year
  • Clean tool blades with vegetable oil and handles with sandpaper
  • Plant your spring blooming bulbs! October is the month to plant tulips, daffodils, crocus and more. Be sure to plant in clusters – they look the best this way and it allows you work in plenty of compost into the soil. And lastly, be sure to water well after planting.

Happy Fall!


Gardening without Getting Gardeners Hands! + FREE GLOVES!

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Gardening can take a toll on your hands and skin but, just because you garden doesn’t mean you can’t have soft groomed hands! Use these tips to help fight getting tough grungy gardener’s hands. Read below to find out how to receive a pair of FREE gloves!

wm_labor_day_sale(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


1. One of the most simple and obvious solutions would be to wear gardening gloves as much as you can. Sounds simple right? Well not necessarily. You might think oh “I’ll just do this quick little thing without gloves” and before you know it, you just weeded your entire garden without gloves. Your hands hate you at this point. Also, if you aren’t wearing the proper gloves it can affect your hands as well. Choosing the right glove for the right project is crucial to maintain your gloves and your hands. So make sure to have a pair for different types of gardening.

Thin pair: use for weeding, transplanting, and harvesting. Find gloves as close to being bare skinned as possible with your hands being protected. With these you are able to feel what you are doing.

Thick pair: use for heavy duty tasks

Make sure to take care of your gloves so they can last as long as possible. Keep them stored and out of the rain when not in use.

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wm_labor_day2(Colors of gloves may vary: pink, lime green, or blue)

2. Not only just wash your hand well but make sure to use a nail brush. That’s what they are there for! Use it to get out all that dirt under your nails and gently brush off any dirt on your hands so it won’t dry and crack on you. To make it easier to clean make sure you keep your nails short. Short nails are easier to clean and less likely to snag. Just a warning, wearing nail polish while gardening will most likely chip so don’t go out and get a manicure and then that same day go gardening. Get all your gardening done and then treat yourself once it’s all finished!

3. Exfoliate and moisturize! We all know that we should always keep moisturized, especially when you garden to get rid of all your dry skin and cracks. Here at Willard & May we like to use our Gardeners Bar Soap! It contains pumice to make cleaning off tough dirt after a long day in the garden a cinch! The natural vegetable oil will help keep your skin hydrated. It also acts as an antibacterial. It contains: natural coconut oil, palm kernel oil, pumice stone, glycerin, and tetrasodium.


(Source: Willard & May)


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All Decked Out

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With summer in full swing and fall coming in, that means backyard BBQ’s, late night bonfires, and just relaxing out on the deck with friends and family. With all of that comes outdoor dining! We can help make sure you can easily serve your guests, keep them warm outside, brighten up your deck and much more with our stylish items! If you are thinking about decking out your backyard, check out these tips we have for your perfect deck or patio get together!


1. Use serving trays to make things easier for you when serving your guests delicious treats!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


2. Serve up some yummy drinks with the ease of your serving tray!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


3. Your party is going to be such a hit that it will last into the night, so make sure to have the proper lighting for when the sun goes down!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)


4. When the sun goes down, it gets cooler, so make sure to use your chimenea to keep your guests warm and comfy!
(Source:Willard & May)


5. Keep away the bees and wasps from your guests using these great traps!
(Source: Willard & May, Photo Credit: Stephanie Osiecki)

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Lantern Centerpieces

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Are you planning a wedding? Throwing a fun summer party? Need some centerpiece ideas without breaking the bank? Why not try using lanterns? There is nothing like a flickering candle in the night. They create the perfect ambiance to a wedding or party. These lanterns can be used not only as centerpieces but also to decorate the head table or guest book table or even to be hung in trees. It is such an elegant look and adds accent lighting! One of the many great things about using lanterns is that they can be used in any type of wedding or party — the possibilities are endless! Plus, they are cheaper than flower centerpieces and can be reused or sold after the wedding or party is over!

Check out what some brides have done with their lantern centerpieces.


(Source: The Red Dirt Bride)


(Source: Style Me Pretty)


(Source: Tumblr)


(Source: Weddings Illustrated)

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