Weekend DIY: Backyard Zipline

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We having a feeling that after you build this DIY project your yard will become the neighborhood kids’ favorite backyard – whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, your kids will totally love you!

Now you’re probably sweating trying to figure out what this project is, and you may just sweat while doing this too. Your weekend project is… *drumroll* creating a Backyard Zipline – from the blog How Does She. Seriously, how cool would that be. It’s like your little sliver of Hawaii in your own backyard! Not only will your kids love you for making this, this would totally be fun for you to try out as well :)

(Photos: How Does She)

Here is what you’ll need to complete this project: Dowel for the handle, a pulley, and a rope. The instructions for this are very simple and easy, but we’ll let you head on over to the How Does She blog for all the details!

Happy Weekend and Happy Labor Day!

Weekend DIY: Modern Fence

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Neighbors – You either love ’em or hate ’em. If you love them, celebrate that fact and invite them over for a bbq this weekend and realize that you are lucky. But, if you hate ’em we’ve also got a project just for you! This DIY project is all about building a fence, to either block out the neighbors or because it looks really awesome if you are into the whole modern look.

mid century modern fence
modern fence how to (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

We came across this awesome Modern DIY Fence from the blog, My Mid-Century Modern Life thanks to pinterest. I’m sure you’re looking at this photo and thinking, this is no way just a weekend project, and you are correct – this may take a few weekends, but we think this would be well worth your time in the end!

While we’d love to hash out the details of building this amazing fence, but we figured you could just hop on over to the original blog posts from My Mid-Century Modern Life and discover how they build this fence from scratch.

Step 1: Plan – Here is the post where they wrote about how to plan out the fence
backyard fence layout (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

Step 2: Posts – Here is the blog post where they explained about creating the posts
diy posts (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

Step 3: Progress – Here is the post where they explain how to space the planks, attach them, stain them, and more
how to build a modern fence (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

Step 4: Stain & Seal – This post they talk about finishing up the fence
staining a fence (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

Step 5: Windows (optional) – Here is the post where they explained they added some windows to the fence to allow for a tree to grow properly
fence holes for trees (Photo Source: My Mid-Century Modern Life)

And maybe if this project scares you to death, you can hopefully get inspired to build a fence to add some privacy to your backyard. We also created a board on Pinterest with other fence/privacy ideas for you to check out!

Happy Weekend!