Weekend DIY: Bird Feeder

Do you have a special place in your heart for the birds that visit your backyard? Many other animals that enter your backyard can quickly become pests. Like squirrels stealing your freshly planted bulbs, rabbits and deer that eat your hostas and trample through your garden – but birds, there’s not much that is pest-y about them, besides a little bird poop here and there.

If you are into feeding the birds, check out this great rainy-day or snowy-day do-it-yourself project. This easy to make Acorn Bird Feeder comes from DesignSponge, a super great blog for tons of DIY stuff and decorating ideas. Using just a few common objects – seeds, soda bottle, wooden bowl, gelatin and a couple other – you can make this great feeder that birds will love hanging from your tree or near your window.

(Source: DesignSponge)

We also found a few other bird-related projects on Pinterest for you to try out – a garden roof to a birdhouse, cookie cutter bird feeders, and a birdhouse chandelier. And if you are into creating a habitat for the birds in your backyard, check out Willard & May’s great selection of bird baths.

(1. Garden Therapy 2. Eighteen25 3. Pinterest)

Happy weekend and have fun with the birds!

2 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: Bird Feeder

  1. Hi there, thank you so much for including my green roof birdhouse and linking back to the original website with my tutorial. I would also ask though that you please include the full photo, and not remove the watermark. I know the photo isn’t as pretty with the watermark, but as images get shifted around the web, pinned and shared, it would be nice if people knew that all the hard work in making and writing a tutorial on this birdhouse credits back to Garden Therapy.

    With all the current legal questions now around sharing intellectual property, particularly from Pinterest, there definitely a learning curve so no harm done. I will also suggest that you may want to find and credit the original source for photo #3 as that one is simply credited to Pinterest.

    Thanks for including me and hope to see you again.

    • Hi Stevie –

      Thanks for the comment on our blog – I will update your photo as you requested, look for it shortly. PS we love your blog, and the Before and After that was featured on Apartment Therapy. Also, that third image was uploaded by the user to pinterest, with no link anywhere, that is why we linked it just to the original pin. If they contact us with a link we’d gladly update it.