Weekend DIY: Decorative Ladder

Can you believe that summer is half over already?? It’s so crazy to believe and I’m sure you just had a panic attack realizing that big backyard renovation project you dreamed of finishing this summer is not quite as far along as you hoped? Not to mention your backyard probably looks more like a desert with this whole lack-of-rain thing. Well now that it has officially rained for a couple days, your grass will slowly turn back to green. While you are waiting for that to happen this weekend, why not add some decorative touches to your patio or backyard space.

Do you have a space on your porch or in your backyard that needs a little decorative touch like Ashbee did? Check out this DIY Decorative Ladder she made one afternoon, that she featured on her blog. She designed it to fill a corner of her porch that needed to be lightened up. She also added hanging potted plants to add pops of yellow.

decorative ladder

How-To: Here is what you’ll need to complete this project: a wooded area where you can find a few¬†saplings,¬†buck saw, branch clippers, screws, drill, metal pails, and plants as accessories.

To begin this project, locate an area where you can find about three decent size saplings that you can cut up. Once located, bring a saw and branch clippers. Saw down the small tree and clip the branches off. Then you’ll need to cut down the trees for the correct size of your ladder. Then lay them out on the ground to see how it looks – then screw them together. Finally, add decroative potted flowers and display for all to see. If you want a more detailed run-down of the instructions, visit Ashbee’s blog.

decorative ladder

decorative ladder

Also, Willard and May has a great selection of small planters you could utilize into your ladder design.

Happy Weekend!

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