Weekend DIY: Planter Wall

So you have this empty spot along a retaining wall that you just don’t know what to do with anymore. You probably think there is nothing a landscaper, let alone you, could do to make this spot shine in your yard. Well think again! How about an easy-peasy-do-it-yourself project this weekend where you transform it into a giant wall-planter! Now we’re talking…

diy planter fence diy planter fence
(Images: Annette Guttierez)

So those photos probably have got you hooked – now you want to make this project a reality this weekend? Go for it and check out this budget-friendly DIY planter project made of cinderblocks courtesy of Apartment Therapy and Pot-Ted – and prepare for your mind to be blown and your yard transformed!

Have a DIY project you’d like to share? Just let us know in the comment section below! Happy Weekend!

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