Weekend DIY: Stained Concrete

This weekend you’ll officially realize summer is over :( But while it’s still warm out, put your pouty face away and why not get your slab of concrete from looking drab to fab? That sounds pretty cheesy, and we know it – but seriously, with just a little bit of elbow grease and stain this weekend, you can get your front porch or back patio looking like never before!

Follow these step-by-step DIY Concrete Staining instructions from The Family Handyman to quickly and in-expensively transform your backyard. What you’ll need: a weekend, stain of your choice, sealer, cardboard for overspray, chalk line, straightedge, paint roller, roller tray and paintbrush. Now hop on over to The Family Handyman to see their DIY project for the complete how-to!

We also sought out pinterest for some pretty neat concrete staining ideas to inspire you:

Happy Weekend!

9 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: Stained Concrete

    • We didn’t actually complete this ourselves. If you click on each photo you can find the original source. I’d try that!

  1. I love the look. If I can ever get my deck/patio project underway & finished (no money in budget for it), this is something to consider very much. Thanks for posting this DYI project!!

  2. I painted my patio ( big mistake) now some of it flaking off. I’ve tried paint remover but it just spread the old paint…. Help !!!!!!!

    • Tammy,

      A soda blaster from your Harbor Freight is your friend. It will remove the paint and not harm the surface underneath, you will need a compressor and a 50lb bag of baking soda also known in the business as blasting soda. If you don’t want to DIY you can call a graffiti removal or pressure washing business as they usually offer these services.

  3. I did the pictures that you are viewing. This imp articular look would be very hard for someone that doesnt do this every day and they will end up with a mess at the least or a undesirable color at best.