Backyard Friends

Sometimes the creatures that live in our backyards can be a treat or a pest. They are likely more of a pest if they unearth your tulip bulbs or dig holes throughout your yard. Unfortunately, we probably spend most of our time focusing on how to get rid of them from flooding our back yard… squirrels, skunks, and other backyard rodents. Remember the movie Over the Hedge?- totally what I’m picturing. Rather than panicking over how they’ve made a new home out of your birdhouse, or are digging through your garbage, perhaps you could take a few minutes and just watch them the next time you are out in your backyard. They are probably more entertaining than you realized.

One photographer, Nancy Rose, decided to poke some fun with her backyard squirrels. These squirrels, one she cleverly named Mr. Peanuts, would go crazy over peanuts left on her picnic table, so she decided to set up little scenes and catch them in action. You can check out her entire collection of funny squirrel photos, but here are also a few below for your enjoyment! Nancy: you are one patient and talented photographer!

Our favorite is the one where the squirrel looks as if he is grilling up some hotdogs – we’re totally looking forward to the day it’s warm enough to do that!





Have any fun photos of the animals in your backyard? Feel free to share below in the comments and maybe we’ll feature you next time!



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