Inspire Me: Sheds

That eye-sore in the back of your yard that holds the mower, rake, garden tools and your kids’ toys – yeah, what people call a shed. When most people think of a shed, there unfortunately usually is not a pleasant association with them – usually your neighbor complains when a new one is put in or they complain that your current shed looks dumpy and unkempt. However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

We’ve found some of the coolest sheds around and are sharing them with you to inspire you to make yours look more attractive. Improving the look of your shed may also increase your home value and curb appeal!

garden shed inspiration
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Do you have a photo of your shed you’d like to share? If so leave us a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Inspire Me: Sheds

    • Hi Suzanne – I asked everyone here what their best tips were. Here you go, we hope this helps!

      Pegboard is great for hanging everything from tools to hoses… Julia Child even used it in her kitchen.

      -Glass jars are great for storing small objects. It keeps them organized, but unlike boxes, you can still see what’s inside… and if you can’t find something, it might as well not be in the shed.

      -Start with the items you are not using or have not used in the last 6 months to a year and make a pile or location for them to donate, or get rid of. Then determine what you are going to use and make groups of similar items: like lawn items, plant maintenance items, birding items, cleaning items etc. Then place things based on how frequently you use them, with the most frequently used items in the easiest accessed spots.

      -Install hooks and shelves if they are not already there, they can be really handy for hand tools, bagged goods, storing chemicals, and pots.