Weekend DIY: Hanging Basket Succulents

Back in February, we did a Weekend DIY post on building an indoor succulent garden. Now that it’s almost summer time, you can try using succulents outdoors within your rock gardens, or if you don’t have the space, try making a hanging succulent garden with a hanging basket. We browsed Pinterest for some ideas and thought we’d share the steps on how to make this succulent hanging basket, inspired by Better Homes and Gardens and Canadian Gardening. This hanging basket also works well for those that live in dry areas or often forget to water!

succulent hanging basket diy  (Photo Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

Here are the supplies you’ll need to re-create this look: a hanging basket, a variety of shorter succulents, coir or coconut lining to line the outside of the pot (sold at your local garden store), and landscape fabric to line the inside of the basket.

To get started, line your hanging basket with the coir lining (or use sphagnum moss to create an even more natural look) and line the inside of the basket with landscape fabric to keep the plants/soil from falling through the moss. Next, add the soil, being careful to leave enough room for the succulents. Plant the succulents on the top of the soil, but also on the sides as well, so that their roots grow into the moss. Give the basket a good drink of water, but then allow the basket to dry out completely before the next watering.

It is a good idea to allow the succulent roots time to establish if they are hanging on the outer sides, so that gravity does not win them over. Does this by treating them extra gentle during the first few waterings. For other succulent planting and growing tips, refer to our blog on growing an indoor succulent garden.

Plus, check out the selection of hanging baskets which each come with their own coir lining from Willard & May below:
hanging baskets online
(1. Bird Hanging Basket 2. Butterfly Hanging Basket 3. Rustic Hanging Basket)

Happy Weekend!

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