Weekend DIY: Tailgating Game

Football season kicked off a few weeks ago and that means a few things: 1. Sunday afternoon watching your favorite teams battle it out 2. Fantasy Football anyone? and 3. Tailgating before heading into the stadium!

While Corn-hole Toss has become a popular favorite amongst tailgaters, we think we may have found their competitor! Have you ever tried to Irish Bowl? The idea of the game is this: knock down numbered blocks (called standers) out of a ring by lobbing round pieces (called pelters) at them. Lowes Creative Ideas explains how to make this game as well as where to score all of the lumber pieces for tailgating fun. Check out their site for the complete Irish Bowling DIY.

Here is what you’ll need:  (1) 2″x4′ poplar round dowel,  (5) 3″ black vinyl numbers, 1 through 5, (1) 3″x3″x36″ square poplar, 12-ounce Valspar spray paint: yellow and gloss white, Green Top Sail Turf, Utility scissors, String, Nail, Permanent marker, and Saw.

Block_Dowels_Target_Models(Source: Lowes)

Are you a die-hard Tailgater? Check out Lowe’s other tailgating ideas here.

Happy Weekend!

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