Weekend DIY: Tailgating Game

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Football season kicked off a few weeks ago and that means a few things: 1. Sunday afternoon watching your favorite teams battle it out 2. Fantasy Football anyone? and 3. Tailgating before heading into the stadium!

While Corn-hole Toss has become a popular favorite amongst tailgaters, we think we may have found their competitor! Have you ever tried to Irish Bowl? The idea of the game is this: knock down numbered blocks (called standers) out of a ring by lobbing round pieces (called pelters) at them. Lowes Creative Ideas explains how to make this game as well as where to score all of the lumber pieces for tailgating fun. Check out their site for the complete Irish Bowling DIY.

Here is what you’ll need:  (1) 2″x4′ poplar round dowel,  (5) 3″ black vinyl numbers, 1 through 5, (1) 3″x3″x36″ square poplar, 12-ounce Valspar spray paint: yellow and gloss white, Green Top Sail Turf, Utility scissors, String, Nail, Permanent marker, and Saw.

Block_Dowels_Target_Models(Source: Lowes)

Are you a die-hard Tailgater? Check out Lowe’s other tailgating ideas here.

Happy Weekend!

Weekend DIY: Outdoor Canopy

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The weekend is ALMOST here and we’ve got an easy and chic Do-It-Yourself project to tackle this weekend. If you want to add more shade to your backyard, but want to skip the umbrella route, try a colorful or patterned canopy. We love the color palette of this one featured below!

This easy and budget friendly DIY project is from the magazine All You. The main things you’ll need to pick up are: 5 5-gallon buckets, 3 80-lb bags of cement mix, some PVC pipe, 4 planters of your liking, a large bag of gravel, soil, bamboo poles, 3 yards of outdoor fabric, and plants. Many of the other supplies you’ll have on hand. You’ll also need two days to do this project as you’ll need to let the cement set overnight – so start this project on Saturday, and finish it off on Sunday!

diy outdoor canopy (Photo Source: All You)

For the complete Do-It-Yourself project instructions and materials, visit All You. We also found another DIY Canopy idea from Apartment Therapy if you want to check out another way to do this same project.

Happy Weekend!

Weekend DIY: Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Decor, Weekend DIY

The weather in our backyard has been very bi-polar lately. We wake up with an inch or two of snow on the ground, but by the afternoon it’s sunny, melted, and in the 40s! The sky has been playing tricks on us. But if you catch a glimpse of spring-like weather this weekend, or if your garage is warmer than usual for this time of year, try this fun DIY project of creating an outdoor rug.

A great way to bring color and comfort to your backyard patio is to put down a bold, colorful rug. Depending on where you shop, rugs can get pretty pricey, so this is where we can get creative! This DIY blogger from Design Share, found a great patterned table cloth at Target – but ended up using it as a rug instead! All she did was cover the table cloth with multiple layers of satin finish water-based polyurethane – which would protect it from dirt, spills, and stains. While she used this rug indoors, you could easily use it outdoors if you coated both sides! To read the whole Do-It-Yourself project, visit her blog.

(Source: Design Share)

Maybe you’re looking for a different type of outdoor rug or need more inspiration? If that is the case, we found a few other examples of DIY outdoor rugs on Pinterest you can view below!

(1. Tatertots & Jello Blog 2. MyHomeIdeas 3. MyHomeIdeas)

Happy rug-making weekend!

Weekend DIY: Boots

Weekend DIY

The countdown to spring is on, only 31 days left – which means you’ll be in your backyard in no time. While it’s still a bit chilly to get outside, get in the cheerful, almost-spring spirit and do something fun, like painting your boots! Not just any boots, but your rain/garden boots.

We found these creative boots on Pinterest and thought everyone deserves to have some fancy boots like these to use in their garden, backyard, or on a rainy (or snowy) day.

(Aiken House & Garden)

Look for a paint made specifically for use on plastics (it should say this somewhere on the container) as this paint will actually stick to the boots and won’t chip off or break as the boots are used. For a nice clean working surface, you could first spray paint the entire outside of the boots to a color of your liking (being careful not to spray the inside). Once dry, then use acrylic paint for your design. After everything is dry, either use a clear spray paint for plastics, or a textile medium (used for sealing artwork), as this will help seal in the paint and prevent chipping.

If you aren’t into painting boots, we have seen many fashionable rainboots out in stores or online. If you happen to have an old pair of garden boots lying around, try using them as a planter! We found this great DIY for a boot planter here from the blog Rosy Posy. Check out these great ideas below that involve boots…

garden boots, planters, wellies(1. LisLis 2. Brown Eyed Belle 3. Studiopatro 4. Rosy Posy )

No matter what you decide to do this weekend, get your boots ready so that when the snow is gone, you can get to your backyard without any hesitation!