Welcome Back the Birds


We know the birds have been back a few weeks now, but isn’t it just wonderful when they begin to grace your backyard again. We love to hear all their chirping, singing and fluttering about near our windows. We even have a goose we’ve nicknamed “Gazer” (short for Stargazer) that tends to visit our office weekly.

If you are looking for more ways to attract birds to your backyard, we have some solutions for you! Check out these birding products from Willard & May, including this dual sided feeder we did a mini photo shoot with:

(1. Bird Feeder with Umbrella 2. Ceramic Bird Bath 3. Cast Iron Bell with Birds 4. Maple Leaf Bird Bath 5. Blue Aged Ceramic Bird Bath 6. Decorative Bird Bath and Feeder on Stand 7. Woodpecker Bird Knocker)

These also make great gifts for Mother’s Day – which isn’t too far away!

Pin Love: Backyard Balcony

Pin Inspiration

Just because you live in an urban setting, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great backyard. Check out this space we found on pinterest from HGTV, that features all of the great aspects of a suburban backyard, yet simplified and scaled to fit a balcony – a grilling station, playplace for the kids, garden and a water feature.

(Source: HGTV)

There is no excuse not to have a great backyard – no matter where you live!

Weekend DIY: Boots

Weekend DIY

The countdown to spring is on, only 31 days left – which means you’ll be in your backyard in no time. While it’s still a bit chilly to get outside, get in the cheerful, almost-spring spirit and do something fun, like painting your boots! Not just any boots, but your rain/garden boots.

We found these creative boots on Pinterest and thought everyone deserves to have some fancy boots like these to use in their garden, backyard, or on a rainy (or snowy) day.

(Aiken House & Garden)

Look for a paint made specifically for use on plastics (it should say this somewhere on the container) as this paint will actually stick to the boots and won’t chip off or break as the boots are used. For a nice clean working surface, you could first spray paint the entire outside of the boots to a color of your liking (being careful not to spray the inside). Once dry, then use acrylic paint for your design. After everything is dry, either use a clear spray paint for plastics, or a textile medium (used for sealing artwork), as this will help seal in the paint and prevent chipping.

If you aren’t into painting boots, we have seen many fashionable rainboots out in stores or online. If you happen to have an old pair of garden boots lying around, try using them as a planter! We found this great DIY for a boot planter here from the blog Rosy Posy. Check out these great ideas below that involve boots…

garden boots, planters, wellies(1. LisLis 2. Brown Eyed Belle 3. Studiopatro 4. Rosy Posy )

No matter what you decide to do this weekend, get your boots ready so that when the snow is gone, you can get to your backyard without any hesitation!