Creative Amaryllis Ideas

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Finding affordable holiday flowers for decorations this time of year is a bit tricky due to the fact the flowers you’d be purchasing are being imported from another (warmer) country.

However, one blooming bulb, the Amaryllis, is an easy-to-grow indoor bulb that adds the perfect elegance and holiday cheer to any arrangement you’re wanting to create. Amaryllis come in multiple colors such as reds, whites, multi-colors and pinks. You can buy them as a kit or just as a bulb and plant inside your own pot. Plus, they are easy to find this time of year – purchase them online, in stores or catalogs.

Now that you are itching to grow an Amaryllis, check out these creative and unique ways of incorporating them into your holiday decor…

Martha Stewart



Martha Stewart


Amaryllis :)
Alexan Events

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Fall Pumpkin Ideas

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Pumpkins aren’t just for carving Jack-O-Lanterns anymore! Word on the street is you can use paint, tacks, washi tape, and more to transform your pumpkins. If you’ve bought your pumpkin either from a farm or the store, why not try out one of these unique and different ideas for adding a fall flare to your front porch?

Chevron Pumpkins – via My Sweet Savannah and Wit&Whistle

Decoupage Pumpkins – via HGTV


Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole – via HGTV

Washi Tape Pumpkins – via It’s Overflowing

Embellished Pumpkins with Tacks – via Madigan Made

Owl Pumpkin – via Better Homes & Garden

And, if you’re crazy for pumpkin seeds, you can try any one of these methods after removing the seeds and pumpkin guts (for lack of a better term) and bake! This will actually help make your pumpkin rot slower as well, since it will have less of the perishable insides. Did you do something creative with your pumpkins this year? If so, share it with us below!

Ways to Update your Mailbox

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Usually neglected and worn-down, mailboxes aren’t the first thing you think of improving when you think about curb appeal. Time to change that! We’ve searched high and low throughout the internet to provide ways you can easily improve the look of your mailbox.

Paint your Mailbox
A simple spray paint can go a long way to restore your mailbox on the outside. Also, ditch the traditional red flag and opt for another bolder color! Even if you have a mailbox that is attached to your house, a bold “hello” makes an entrance more welcome.

(Source: HGTV)

Cheerful Mailbox
(Source: Better Homes & Garden)

Add a House Number or Name Decal
Add a personal touch to your mailbox by adding vinyl decals. You can do numerous things: your house numbers, street address, or your name. Places like Etsy allow you to customize the decal for an inexpensive upgrade.

SALE- Custom Mailbox Address Vinyl Decal with Your Choice of Font, Flourish, Text, and Color- Buy 2 Get 1 Free
(Source: Etsy)

Plant a Garden Around your Mailbox
Spring to Fall, there is plenty of beauty to surround your mailbox with. In spring, use tulips and daffodils, summer plant annuals annuals and fall should bring mums. Finish it up by adding mulch and a stone border around it.

(Source: Young House Love)

Add Flower Boxes
Give your mail some company! Install flower boxes next to the box, on each side, or behind it. Either you can rig your own or many stores sell boxes you can attach easily. Again with each season, be sure to swap out the flowers for color Spring until Fall.

Mailbox flowers(Source: Pinterest)

Update the Post
So now your mailbox looks great, but the actual post could also use some work? If so, tackle this DIY from FreshHomeIdeas on how to make your own decorative and functional mailbox post.

(Source: FreshHomeIdeas)

And if your mailbox is beyond updating and it needs an fresh start, you can usually find one at big box or local hardware stores for under or around $100 then add these personal touches for a greater improvement. One thing is certain, your mailman/woman will notice!

A Fall-Themed Welcome

Outdoor Decor

Fall is making its debut here in Wisconsin today, with temps in the 30s and 40s early this morning. Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and more are flooding the stores reminding you that the fall season is upon us. Why not welcome fall and your guesst with great decor at your home’s entrance?!

Here are a few of our favorite fall decor finds…

(Source: ThriftyDecorChic)

(Source: MissLovie)

Fall outdoor decor
(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: NewlyWoodwards)

(Source: Sweet Passions on a Thrifty Dime)

(Source: Midwest Living)

Have a fall-themed decorating idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

Weekend DIY: Log Path

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Now is the time to begin cleaning up your yard. This includes removing plants which may have died over the course of the summer and making room for new bulbs to be planted. While normally having to cut down a failing tree in your yard may make you sad, at least you can use the wood in a creative way! Why not make a Log Path inspired by this photo from the Sherwsbury Flower Show?

Log path at Shrewsbury Flower show

Thanks to our friend Pinterest, we were able to find a post on how to re-create this masterpiece. Also, since the blog author wrote the post a bit ago, she has some new learned tips to pass on! Here is what you’ll need to complete this project: an old tree (or a variety for different size steps), a saw, and a sealant that provides UV projection (think deck stain).

(Photo Source: Domesticated Nomad)

Step 1: You’ll first need to create a solid, relatively flat surface of dirt. This may mean stripping the existing sod and removing or adding soil in certain areas. You’ll also want to make sure the remaining soil is well compacted and level to prevent the steps from sinking. Step 2: Determine the width and length of your space and cut the wood about 3-4″ thick to prevent splitting when stepped on. Step 3: Apply the stain to the logs and allow for proper drying time. Step 4: Finally, arrange pattern on the ground and fill sand, gravel, or dirt around and between logs for a level walkway to assure no tripping :)

We think this would look amazing along a garden path! It creates just the perfect touch of wood without dishing out the money and time required for a complete wooden walkway made of 2x4s. Another great idea was to add groundcover plants in between. Like most home projects, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Weekend!

Weekend DIY: Pallet Table

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A growing trend over the past few years has been to recycle and re-use in an attempt to become more eco-friendly. This philosophy, no matter where you stand on the whole eco-friendly issue, is that we should do our best to keep our environment clean for future generations. Everyone can do their part in achieving this goal be either taking it to the extreme or simply do your best to recycle when you are able. This week we have a simple recycled diy project: We’re going to take something that could have been waste and re-purpose it using wooden pallets!

coffeetable_diy2 (Photo: Joy Ever After)

This DIY project comes from Amanda at the Joy Ever After blog. Here she takes two old wooden pallets and brings them back to life by turning them into an outdoor table. This table is more of in the realm of a coffee or sitting table, not a dining table. For the complete DIY instructions read through her blog post and comments for helpful tips.

Finding wooden pallets is easy. First, you can check Craigslist: many companies will post that they are free for the taking on a first come, first serve basis. You could also contact a local warehouse in your area that may have some extras laying around. If do happen come across a gold mine of wooden pallets, Pinterest has endless ideas for you to try!

Happy Weekend!

Weekend DIY: Crane Garland

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Summer’s almost over, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating outdoors while it’s still amazingly nice out! So now you are asking what you can celebrate… here are a few ideas:  kids going back to school, back to semi-normal routines, football season, new episodes of your favorite shows starting back up – really you can find a number of reasons to just celebrate the good ol’ life you have.

So now that you will be celebrating something this weekend, here is a quick way to spruce up the decor on your patio. Check out these cute little ombre cranes that float along garland that we came across from the blog Camille Styles. She includes easy diy instructions on how to craft up these little beauties and you don’t need an art major to do so!

You’ll need these few basic supplies to get going, but head on over to her blog for the complete step by step instructions and helpful photo! Supplies:Origami Paper, scissors, needle, clear wire, crimp beads, and a pliers.

(Photo Source: Camille Styles)

Let us know what you’ll be celebrating in the comments below – Happy Weekend!

We Love: Cobalt Blue

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Does the coming of fall have you feeling blue? Hopefully the relief of the impending cooler weather isn’t that depressing, but if you are feeling blue, then why not use it to decorate?

Cobalt blue has been popping up across the backyard and garden scene this summer and we are absolutely in love. This cobalt blue color adds just the right amount of color pop against any home or porch backdrop. To help you understand our love, we found these great examples of cobalt blue in use + included our favorite blue items from Willard & May. This eye-catching hue may just turn into the new black…

COBALT BLUE IN USE: cobalt blue in the backyard

(1. HGTV, 2. Houzz 3. Calypso Gardening 4. Apartment Therapy 5. HGTV 6. Tesselaar 7. Willard & May)


Vary the intensity, texture, and size – Pick a color you like, but add colors that are a bit lighter or darker to create that unique ombre look we’ve been seeing from hair, to clothing, to decor. Try not only adding variation in the color, but also vary the texture and sheen of the pottery or objects. Make use various sizes to create interest. All of these will create a great unified look.

Add contrast with what you plant inside – Cobalt blue itself is a loud color, but don’t be afraid to use bold contrasting blooms inside the planter. In this case, cobalt blue is the new black and everything goes with black! Also, vary the textures and heights within the planter.

Bring it inside – Don’t be afraid to bring plants and their colorful planters indoors! Sometimes you need a pop of color to tie in a room, and that can easily be done with the color of the bloom or decorative planter. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Check out your local crafting store for some fake flowers…some of them look extremely real!

Cobalt, Cobalt Everywhere – Don’t limit the use of this fantastic color to your pottery alone! Utilize it also in accessories, walls, shutters, furniture, fountains and much more!


wm-cobalt-blue-products(1. Garden Fountain 2. Blue Blossom Watering Can 3. Cobalt Blue Ceramic Bird Bath 4. Cobalt Blue Decorative Turtle 5. Blue Blossom Planters 6. Cobalt Blue Cluster Pot 7. Blue Gazing Balls 8. Blue Blossom Door Mat 9. Shell Planter 10. Fish Planter 11. Cobalt Glazed Strawberry Planter)

So if you feel blue… decorate with blue!

Weekend DIY: Planter Wall

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So you have this empty spot along a retaining wall that you just don’t know what to do with anymore. You probably think there is nothing a landscaper, let alone you, could do to make this spot shine in your yard. Well think again! How about an easy-peasy-do-it-yourself project this weekend where you transform it into a giant wall-planter! Now we’re talking…

diy planter fence diy planter fence
(Images: Annette Guttierez)

So those photos probably have got you hooked – now you want to make this project a reality this weekend? Go for it and check out this budget-friendly DIY planter project made of cinderblocks courtesy of Apartment Therapy and Pot-Ted – and prepare for your mind to be blown and your yard transformed!

Have a DIY project you’d like to share? Just let us know in the comment section below! Happy Weekend!

Inspire Me: Sunrooms

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Sunrooms – who knew they’d actually be useful and can look good at the same time. I (Vanessa, a team member at Willard & May) have been touring some houses lately because my husband and I are looking to buy relatively soon. We visited an open house that featured a sunroom. The minute you walked in it was more like a sauna from the 80s. It had old carpet, white plastic-y walls, and skylights that needed a bit of elbow grease. I really didn’t think much of it and didn’t find it a great space until I did some exploring on Pinterest. After, I realized a sunroom can actually turn into quite useful square footage when you do it right – some new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and a bit of decor can turn it into that summer haven.

Here are some sunrooms I fell in love with, which made me fall in love for that house. I immediately began picturing how I could turn that space into pure bliss.

sunroom ideas
(1. My Home Ideas 2. Country Living 3. Jenna Sue 4. Pinterest 5. House Beautiful 6. Pinterest )